Those wanting to stay current with the District's progress will find the archive of Board of Supervisors meeting Agendas, Packets, Minutes and other Documents very informative. These downloadable PDF files can be downloaded to your computer for your reference.

Certain documents will be in PDF format. To view them you may have to download the latest version of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to read these files.

Fiscal Year: 2021

Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Date Agenda Packet Minutes Meeting
10/15/2020 Agenda Minutes Regular
11/19/2020 Agenda Minutes Regular
12/10/2020 Agenda Minutes Regular
01/21/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
02/18/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
03/18/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
04/15/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
05/20/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
06/17/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
07/15/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
08/19/2021 Agenda Minutes Public/Regular
09/15/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
09/16/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular
09/29/2021 Agenda Minutes Regular

Audit, Budget & Meetings Schedule

Audit Budget Meeting Schedule
Audited Reports Adopted Budget Meeting Schedule

Workshop Notice and Minutes (Visit Workshop Website)

Start Date Notice Link Minutes
10/16/2020 Notice Visit Workshop ---
11/20/2020 Notice Visit Workshop ---
12/11/2020 Notice Visit Workshop ---
01/22/2021 Notice Visit Workshop Minutes
02/19/2021 Notice Visit Workshop Minutes
03/19/2021 Notice Visit Workshop ---
04/16/2021 Notice Visit Workshop ---
07/16/2021 Visit Workshop Minutes
09/17/2021 Notice


Start Date Notice Agenda Minutes
01/04/2021 Notice Agenda ---
02/01/2021 Notice Agenda ---
03/01/2021 Notice Agenda Minutes
04/05/2021 Agenda
05/03/2021 Agenda
06/07/2021 Notice Agenda Minutes
08/02/2021 Notice Agenda
09/13/2021 Notice

Security Committee

Start Date Notice Agenda Minutes
11/02/2020 Notice Agenda ---
01/04/2021 Notice Agenda ---