Please complete the Public Records Request Form (PDF) and submit either by email to: or mail to: Cory Lakes CDD, c/o BreezeHome, 1540 International Parkway, Suite 2000, Lake Mary, FL 32745.

Fees will be calculated per request, and you will be notified prior to redaction.

Pursuant to Florida Statue Section 119.07, you may be charged a fee of $.15 per single-sided copy not larger than 14” by 8.5”, an additional $.05 per two-sided copy, and the actual cost of duplication for all other records. These fees will be due upon presentation of the requested documentation.

If the nature or volume of the public records request to be inspected or copied requires extensive use of information technology resources or extensive clerical or personnel assistance to fulfill, the District may charge the requestor an associated special service fee, in addition to the actual cost of any duplication. In an extensive use situation, you will be asked to pay a portion of the estimated costs prior to the request being filled and the remainder of the cost shall be due upon the records being made available.

The District charges a Special Service Fee of $45 per hour. Fees must be paid prior to the redaction and production of records.